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I’m Board Custom Cutting Boards


Tony and Debi have lived in Mission Viejo for more than 30 years. A few years ago, Debi wanted to buy a cutting board for $200 and Tony replied, “I can make that”. He made the board and they haven’t look back. Today Tony and Debi make some of the finest cutting and presentation boards around.

Tony’s foray into wood working started in junior high and continued through high school and his professional life. When he isn’t working in trade or spending time with his family, he can be found in his garage creating beautiful cutting boards for his company, “I’m Board Custom Cutting Boards”.

Their food safe boards are a beautiful addition to any home or gathering.

Tejeda Consulting

Alex and Trish met in Monrovia Ca through mutual friends better than 15 years ago. They were married a few years later and moved to Mission Viejo in 2014 where they’ve lived together with their children ever since (Alex and Trish have just become grandparents for the second time). Alex has more than 25 years of experience in wood working, home building/remodeling, auto repair and just about anything else that needs fixing.  Their partnership with Rae’s Place Fine Wine Boutique is just one of the many things Tejeda Consulting does (admittedly, this work is what they do for fun). Trish works alongside Alex as time manager, painter, crafter, and much more.

“I love taking a pile of wood and making it into something special, I never get tired of the look on our customer’s faces when they get the finished product.”

Alex Tejeda- Tejeda Consulting

Served by Harnisch Home Chef

Chef Harnisch grew up in the midwest where she watched her grandmother create amazing comfort food for her and her family. The excitement of watching her make these feasts combined with the aromas and flavors that engulfed their home started her along a journey that saw her become an accomplished chef who’s now creating health conscious comfort food for the many different palates here in Southern California.

“The joy that I feel when someone takes their first bite of something that I made is beyond exciting.”

Among Chef Harnisch’s many specialties, she provides in-home meal planning and wine themed dinners for our clients in Orange County.

We are so excited to be able to offer the services of such a talented chef.

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