Shannon Ridge “High Elevation” Cabernet 2018 Lake County, California


The 2018 is very similar to the 2017, If you’re already a fan, keep on keepin on. If you’re a newcomer, prepare to be amazed.

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Shannon Ridge “High Elevation” Cabernet 2018 Lake County, California

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is true high elevation fruit from an area that not everyone knows, but they should. The Cabernet is special… when you try this wine, it’s hard to believe that you’re getting it at such a great price, especially from California. Thankfully, Lake County is still affordable.

This wine has extracted fruit and great tannin from the high elevation and cool winds that run through the vineyards. There is great balance in the fruit and structure with just enough acidity to keep everything in harmony. It’s hard to find a Cabernet like this with such an approachable price tag. If you’re looking for a daily sipper, you may have just found it.

Pair this with grilled meats, rack of lamb, or stuffed portobello mushrooms with tomatoes, sunchokes, onion jam and melted fontina cheese.

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