Rae’s Place WotW Dec. 2nd 2019

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Cellar Capçanes “Potente” 2016 Montsant, Spain

Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Merlot


93pt James Suckling


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Wine of the Week:

The 2016 Cellars Capçanes “Potente” is another offering in a long line of great Spanish wines with big scores and small price tags. Capçanes has created reputation for great quality at affordable prices and we are proud to offer this wine to anyone who already knows Capçanes and those who might be intrigued. This wine will sing with holiday meals and cool temperatures that come to us in December. It’ll also make a great gift for wine lovers who are looking for something different.

From the Producer:

Eva López (Winemaker) met Capçanes viticultors in the Montsant area and from the beginning, she knew she had found people who really produce wines true to their origins using indigenous grape varieties. Capçanes is located 100 miles southwest of Barcelona, 20 miles inland from the Mediterranean Sea, in the heart of a long wine growing history dating back to the middle ages.

She made the decision to develop the POTENTE project in this incredible area in Catalonia making a blend of garnacha, merlot, samsó & syrah that shows the truth of the typicality and elegance of this area created by small plots, hard inclinations and sustainable agriculture in the typical terraces. Neal Martin said once “If Priorat is Pauillac then Montsant is Margaux”.

Tasting Notes:

Cellar Capçanes “Potente” 2016 Montsant, Spain

Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Merlot

This is high elevation mountain fruit aged in new and used oak for 9 months. The result is pure red and black fruit, spice notes good tannin and wonderful structure. This is a complete wine that should cost a lot more than it does.

Pair with grilled and roasted meats or game. This would also go well with mushroom and shallot risotto and pan sauce.


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