Rae’s Place WotW Jan. 20th 2020

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Frankland Estate Shiraz 2015 Frankland River, Australia

Certified Organic

Sustainably Farmed

Normally $19.99

This Week $17.99

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Wine of the week.

Our wine of the week for Jan 20th, 2020 is Frankland Estate Shiraz 2015 from Frankland River in South West Australia. We love this wine for its beautiful expression of fruit and its restrained style. This is cool climate Shiraz with old world feel and new world ripeness. The nose is intoxicating with red and blue fruit swirling around, you can’t help but close your eyes and enjoy. When you taste the wine, everything is pure and focused, great fruit, wonderful tannin and acidity… just great structure. We are fortunate to have this wine and honored to be able to offer it at such a great price. This is a perfect wine to drink as is or with any wintery dish you can come up with.

Notes from the region:

Frankland River, South West Australia-

From Wine-Searcher 2014:

Frankland River is a key Australian wine sub-region the south of Western Australia. It is located just inland from the Southern Ocean coast, 115 miles (185km) east of Margaret River and 185 miles (300km) south-east of Perth.

With almost 5000 acres (2025ha) of vines planted, this is comfortably the most prolific of the five Great Southern sub-regions. Named after the river which bisects it (and the town at its center), Frankland River’s soils and topography consist of significant alluvial features such as flood plains and valleys with mixed clays and gravels

The typical Frankland River vineyard is planted with RieslingChardonnayPinot NoirCabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Riesling is unquestionably the area’s specialty, with its crisp, fresh style standing out from the more diesel–kerosene notes found in the warmer regions further north. Frankland River Riesling has established a name for itself, although it has yet to reach the fame of its counterparts from the Eden and Clare valleys in South Australia. Frankland River’s cool nights and mineral soils are credited for this fresh style – as they are for the region’s peppery Shiraz, which is reminiscent of the northern Rhone Syrah. In general, local winemakers tend to use less vanillin-imparting American oak than their counterparts in the east of Australia, which permits this style to shine through.

Notes from Frankland Estate:

The Frankland River region is recognized as one of Australia’s finest shiraz growing regions. The Mediterranean climate of warm days and cold nights, combined with the unique ironstone soil found in our Isolation Ridge Vineyard produces shiraz of power, refinement and finesse.

 The Estate:

Perhaps one of the most isolated vineyard sites in the world it seemed only fitting that we called our site “Isolation Ridge Vineyard”. This range of single vineyard, organically grown wines reflects the uncompromising passion and devotion we have to making unique wines that reflect a true sense of place.

Rae’s Place Tasting Notes:

Frankland Estate Shiraz 2015 Frankland River, Australia

Shiraz, Malbec, Marsanne, Viognier

Organic, Sustainable

One of the best Shiraz I’ve tasted in a while. Frankland River is a cool climate region in South West Australia and makes some the best restrained shiraz and cabernet in all the land. This shiraz is loaded with spice and black pepper notes with wonderful red and blue fruits, beautiful acidity and great balance. The oak isn’t overbearing but rather adds to the overall structure of the wine.

Pair this with lamb or beef, grilled or roasted. Stick to heartier vegetarian dishes like pastas with red sauce or stuffed portobello mushrooms. You could also just drink this with friends, it has enough balance to be on its own.


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