Rae’s Place WotW Jan. 27th 2020

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Lagar del Rey


Rueda, Spain

100% Verdejo


A perfect change of pace wine for Pinot Grigio lovers!



Sustainably Farmed

90pts James Suckling!

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Wine of the week.

Our wine of the week for Jan 27th, 2020 is Lagar del Rey Verdejo 2018 from Rueda, Spain. There’s a ton to love about this wine. First off; it’s a 90-point wine for $7.99, how can you not want to give it a try? We also happen to think it’s quite delicious. Plenty of herbal notes with white flowers all balanced by a nice pop of tropical notes thanks to extended time on lees and just the slightest time on neutral French oak. The result is a wine that’s super approachable, with plenty of complexity for anyone looking for a casual sipper that doesn’t taste like expensive water. Please give this a try while it’s 70+ degrees here in Southern California and let us know what you think. You may find an inspiring new wine for the Spring.

Notes from the region:

Rueda, Spain-

From Wine-Searcher:

Rueda is a Spanish wine region located on the Duero river around 150 kilometers (c. 90 miles) northwest of the Spanish capital, Madrid, on roughly the same latitude as Ribera del Duero region. It is known for its dry, aromatic white wines made predominantly from the Verdejo grape variety, with small quantities of Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. These fresh, aromatic whites are an ideal complement to the heavy Tempranillo-based reds of neighboring Toro.

On the high plateau of Castilla y Leon, the landscape is wild and the earth low in nutrients. Plants are forced to work hard to survive, so only cereal grains and grape vines grow here with any vigor. The local soils, rich in lime and iron, are also a vital factor. These are very stony yet provide good drainage and are easy to farm. The Duero wine region is marked on its northern edge by the Duero River, which then continues to Toro, and Portugal beyond. Almost all of Rueda’s vineyards are somehow connected to the Duero, located along its banks or those of its various tributaries. The finest Rueda vineyards are those closest to the Duero, where the soils have a higher limestone content.

Verdejo is the aromatic grape variety behind the crisp white wines of Rueda in central Spain. It is by far the most planted variety in this part of the country, and is produced both varietally and as the major component of a blend with either Viura or Sauvignon Blanc. Full-bodied Verdejo wines are held in high regard, displaying herbaceous, nutty characters with balanced acidity and some cellaring potential.

Wherever the variety’s origins, Rueda is its undisputed home now; the variety is extremely successful there and is grown almost nowhere else in Europe. Verdejo now covers the vast majority of Rueda’s vineyard land and is one of Spain’s most widely planted white wine varieties. The dry, continental climate, diurnal temperature variations and poor-quality soils here help the grape to reach its best expression: aside from a few experimental plantings in Australia and California, the variety is not really found in volume anywhere else on earth.

Notes from Lagar del Rey:

Bodegas Valdehermoso (Lagar del Rey) is headed by David Aguado García, an agronomist engineer based in the town of Nava del Rey (Rueda appellation) and is a true ambassador of his homeland (Castilla y Leon).

David´s family have been winegrowers since 1920 and they used to sell their quality grapes to the most important and well-known wineries from the Rueda region. In 2011 they decided to build their own winery and today have one of the top wines in the region. They own fifty hectares of vineyards in just one plot surrounding the winery, so their harvest also takes place in the best conditions.

The market recognition of the quality of their white wines is the result of the complex preparation and careful selection of their homegrown grapes.

Rae’s Place Tasting Notes:

Lagar del Rey Verdejo 2018 Rueda, Spain


Sustainably Farmed

If you’re into Piot Grigio and looking for something a little different, this is the wine for you. This Verdejo from Spain has stone minerality, melon notes, tropical fruitiness and great acidity to balance everything. This is easy drinking wine that works beautifully as an everyday sipper or an aperitif wine at gatherings.

Pair with light salads, chilled seafood or great conversation.


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