Rae’s Place WotW Nov. 11th 2019

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Borgogno “No Name” Nebbiolo de Langhe 2014 Piedmont, Italy

100% Nebbiolo


On Sale: $39.99

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This week’s wine is Borgogno “No Name” Nebbiolo 2014 from the Langhe region of Piedmont in Northern Italy. We chose this wine because of the juice in the bottle and the story behind it. Many consider Barolo to be the “King” of red wines in Italy and rightfully so. Depending on what vineyard(s) the Barolo comes from, it can be powerful, elegant, floral or a mix. Regardless, Barolo is an absolute pleasure for the senses and is truly a wine every wine lover should experience.

Technically, “No Name” isn’t a Barolo, it’s the younger brother Nebbiolo di Langhe, which is usually taken from younger vines, aged minimally or not at all and has very expressive floral and fruit notes. This however is a very special Nebbiolo, it comes from three of the best vineyards in Barolo: Cannubi, Liste and Fossati. The wine is aged for 3 years in oak and then two more in bottle before release (Required for making Barolo) but is labeled and priced like a Nebbiolo. They do that to bring focus on the Government’s involvement in agriculture and their dislike of it. This is for all intents and purposes a Barolo at Nebbiolo prices, it’s an absolute steal and not to be missed. This is also a perfect wine for all your holiday dinners.


Notes about the winery:

The estate of Giacomo Borgogno & Figli has been around since 1761 and has had the same ideology the entire time, they make the best wines they can and do as little as possible to alter the wine’s natural path. They’re also big fans of going slow in order to do things right the first time. These philosophies are what have kept these wines pure and beautiful for centuries.

“Being slow in one’s actions means having the time to understand things better and do them the right way. This is what we have been doing in our vineyards and with our wines since 1761.”


Tradition is key to the success of the winery and the wines they produce so there have been only a few changed during the winery’s history. In 2008, some 240+ years after it’s inception, the winery was acquired by the Farinetti family, a few years later, they decided to go back to using concrete tanks for fermentation and in 2015 they began converting the winery and its vineyards to organic. The 2019 harvest will be the first certified organic vintage for Borgogno. Other than that, this winery has been running on tradition and letting the grapes, the vineyards and the vintages speak for themselves for almost two hundred and sixty years.


“To be stubborn means not easily abandoning one’s ideas. Even today, after 250 years, wines are made in full respect of tradition: without the use of chemical additives in the vineyards and with spontaneous fermentations in concrete tanks and aging in large Slavonian oak casks in the cellar.”

Tasting Notes:

Borgogno “No Name” Nebbiolo de Langhe 2014 Piedmont, Italy


This wine quickly gained a cult following due to the reputation of the house and the nature of the label. This is truly a Barolo, the Nebbiolo comes from three of the greatest vineyards in the Barolo region of Piedmont (Cannubi, Liste, and Fossati) and the wine is aged for five years before release. The label is as much a badge for this cult wine as the juice inside. “No Name” hits you like a ton a bricks when you see it but if you look at the bottom of the label you’ll fine “Etichetta di Protesta” or “Labeled in Protest” They do this to bring recognition to how the bureaucracy affects Italian agriculture. It’s also priced like a Nebbiolo rather than a Barolo. If you love Barolo and haven’t tried this, or are looking for something new, this is the bottle for you. You’ll find all the characteristics of a great Barolo inside this wine; Earth and wood notes balanced by cherry and spice. Great tannin and acidity provide balance and structure all while dazzling your senses with what is quintessentially Italian Nebbiolo.

Pair with roast wild boar, venison and lamb or pastas with wild mushrooms and red sauce.

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