Rae’s Place WotW Nov. 4th 2019

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Chateau Petit Freylon “Cuvee Leah” Bordeaux Superior 2015 Bordeaux, France

100% Merlot


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So, you already know we love this wine. We are, not so quietly, supporting the charge to bring Merlot back to its rightful place as one of the kings of the noble red grapes.

With the new tariffs hitting, French wine will be going up steeply as containers land from Europe. Thankfully we have access to this beauty stateside, so the price is still quite fantastic. We hope you’ll pick up a bottle or two and give this wonderful grape another try. Or, maybe you’re one of us and you already love Merlot too! We like you a lot for that. If you’re already a fan but haven’t tried a merlot from Bordeaux recently, this will make you very happy.


Notes from the winery:

The Winery

Château Petit-Freylon is located in the small Aquitaine village of Saint-Genis-du-Bois, a tiny village boasting less than 100 inhabitants. The estate belonged to the Lagrange family for generations until 2011, when it was purchased by La Société PESA. Since that time, the new owners have invested heavily in the château’s wine-making facilities and have installed much needed improvements such as new tanks, barrels, and thermo-vinification systems. This attention to detail has earned the wines several medals at prestigious competitions, such as the Concours Agricolein Paris and the Concours de Bordeaux.

The Terroir

The vineyard at Château Petit-Freylon covers 30 hectares (75 acres) of rich potential, 20 of which are within the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation. The clay and limestone soils are well lined, giving way to high caliber wines. Growing on 30-year-old vines, the Château produces a grand assortment of grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with average yields of 50 hectoliters per hectare.

The Environment

Since 2016, Château Petit-Freylon has been a part of the Bordeaux Environmental Management System Association, in an effort to reduce our impact on the environment.

The estate is heavily invested in numerous conservational initiatives such as recycling waste, improving biodiversity, reworking vineyard management, efficient use of resources and counteracting all forms of pollution. Everyone in our team is notably involved in each step of this process; from the pruning of the vine to the final bottling of each vintage.

All our attempts to conserve the environment have allowed us to be certified at the highest level of the High Environmental Value (HVE Level 3), in addition to the ISO 14001 certification.


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