Wine of the Week February 24th, 2020

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Westerly Wines

Red Blend

Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara


Free Delivery with Purchase of this Wine.

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Our wine of the week for the week of Feburary 24th is Westerly Wine’s Red Blend 2012 from Happy Canyon in Santa Barbara County. Some of you may recognize this wine, it was the focus of our November 18th “Wine of the Week”.  The wine did so well we ran out. We’ve been able to get our hands on a little more at a great price so we thought we’d offer it again. This time around, we are able to offer the wine at roughly the same price but with free delivery making it a better deal than last time. If you missed this the first time aroune, get it while you can.

While this wine has a little age on it, there’s still a great amount of pep in its step. We love it because it’s lush and fruity while still showing great structure. Made of Cabernet Franc and Merlot from hillside fruit at an elevation between 500-3400 feet, this blend is pure and focused with a silky texture, dried fruit and cherry notes that all make for an immensely enjoyable, full bodied red wine.

Notes from Westerly Wines:

Happy Canyon-

Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara is the easternmost growing region in Santa Barbara County. First planted in 1996, the AVA is widely recognized for its unique micro-climate, serpentine-laced soils, and its ability to produce top quality Bordeaux varietals. Designated as an official American Viticultural Area (AVA) by the Trade and Tax Bureau in November of 2009, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara is home to only eight vineyards and three brick-and-mortar wineries. 

The AVA lies north and west of Lake Cachuma, and the area descends in elevation from 3430’ in the northeast to 500’ in the southwest. It is the warmest micro-climate in the Santa Ynez Valley. The soils are made up of a mixture of loam and clay loam with red and yellow chert and serpentine cobbles. In general, the soils are low in nutrients and thus grow smaller vines that produce high quality wine grapes. 

During Prohibition, a “California Moonshine” was produced in the nearby foothills of the Los Padres mountains. Legend has it that folks would “take a trip up Happy Canyon” to purchase the infamous beverage and the name stuck.

The Philosophy

At Westerly, our purpose is simple: to craft wine for enjoyment while also giving back.  We strive to grow and produce esteemed wines that honor place while at the same time influence and contribute to our community, locally and globally, through our dedication to education and philanthropy. 

The winemaking process is lengthy and committed.  From farming to grape growing, harvest to cellar, bottle to table, it is a multi-year endeavor with every detail as critical as the next.  But our efforts do not stop here – they surpass the delight of the end result.  While producing wines with a sense of place is important, we also see value in providing for our community.  Through partnerships with organizations such as “Wine To Water” and the development of internship programs for local students, we hope to have an impact far beyond the palate with the beautiful wines that we produce.   

Rae’s Place Tasting Notes:

Westerly Wines Red 2012 Happy Canyon, California

Merlot, Cabernet Franc

The 2012 is showing beautiful fruit, both red and black. There’s silky texture from the Merlot and great structure and fruit from the Cabernet Franc.  The acidity and tannin are still quite present, giving this wine the stability to stay tasty for a while to come. This is a great find with a little age on it.

Pair this with grilled meats, Beef Bourgogne, or braised oxtail. Hearty vegetable dishes would also work, especially if you can add a mushroom and onion stock.

Don’t forget, you need to either call the shop or email us to get your delivery waived. We cannot honor this on the website.

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