Wines of the week Feb 17, 2020

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Pinot Noir 

Russian River Valley

Normally $29.99

This week $27.99

(Must call or email the store)

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Wine of the week.

Our wine of the week for Feb 15thth, 2020 is the 2017 Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Pinot Noir. This is a special wine made from a very popular winery. Most know of their Chardonnays and rightfully so. What some don’t realize is that they make outstanding Pinot Noir too. Russian River Valley is one of the best places in California for Pinot Noir. There’s this wonderful bridge between elegance and expression of fruit. There’s finesse and at the same time weight and structure giving these wines balance and appeal. The 2017 RRV Pinot Noir from Sonama-Cutrer will stand up to any Pinot Noir in Russian River or anywhere else in California. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Notes from the region:

Russian River, California-

From Wine-Searcher:

Russian River Valley, one of the United States’ top-ranked wine regions, is located at the heart of Sonoma County, California. It is one of California’s coolest and foggiest AVAs (particularly in its southern and western portions), and it’s cool growing season and long, slow ripening period promotes complexity and balance in the wines. As a result, Russian River Valley wines are widely respected, particularly those made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Russian River which gives the AVA its name is the second-largest river within the nine-county Greater San Francisco Bay Area. It is named after the Russian-American Company, whose explorers charted the river in the early 19th Century (eventually founding the Fort Ross colony a few miles north of the river mouth). Today, the region is home to a number of Sonoma’s top wine producers, including Kosta BrowneWilliams Seylem and Paul Hobbs.

The river rises in the hills of Mendocino County, and flows southwards for 110 miles (180km) until Healdsburg, where it turns south-westwards towards the Pacific Coast. It is along this final 25-mile (40km) stretch that the first Russian River Valley vineyards began springing up in the late 1970s, and where the finest are still located today. Despite the AVA’s name, the river flows only through its northern edge – the majority of vineyards here are located on the plains between the towns of Windsor, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. The AVA’s limits have been extended south-eastwards twice the past decade, further emphasizing this effect.

Notes from Sonoma Cutrer:

An Artful Balance

Sonoma-Cutrer is a testament to the people, practices, and land all working in unison to uphold the time-honored tradition of winemaking. We marry together Burgundian traditions with Californian ingenuity and a deep appreciation for Sonoma Valley’s remarkable terroir. Beyond our craft, we strive to carry these values into our personal relationships and communities. We believe the good life, like good wine, is not primarily of any one element but is a perfectly unique balance of all elements.

A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

Our process is a careful symphony. Instead of relying solely on Old World tradition or New World innovation, we marry Burgundian practices with Californian innovation and a deep appreciation of the Sonoma County terroir. We borrow and we create. We utilize hard work and artistry, science and intuition, knowing and feeling.

Rae’s Place Tasting Notes:

Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir 2017 Russian River Valley

Pinot Noir

The first impression of this wine starts in the nose with intense blackberry fruit aromas, cola and cassis jam followed by a touch of vanilla and tobacco accented with hints of baking spice and red licorice. The wine is richly textured and balanced with a beautiful brightness. Flavors of black cherry, tobacco and sweet barrel spice shine throughout. Fine tannins round out the long, smooth finish.

Pair with seared duck breast, lamb or pappardelle with morels and pan sauce.

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